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Home is Where the Sweet Peas Are

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I worked as a nanny throughout college. My adopted family grew a small patch of sweet peas behind the garage every spring. The city felt hard, flat, and dry. But every spring, the house would fill with the beauty and aroma of sweet peas and home felt a little closer.

When we planted our farm’s first garden, a sweet pea patch was a must. I prepared by spending too much time down internet rabbit holes and I knew exactly what varieties I wanted to grow. So when I stopped at every garden store in town and it was all the same picked-over seed racks full of the usual suspects, my excitement sank. I only found mixes of ordinary colors, absent of frilly ruffles or dynamic scents, grown in places more factory than farm.

Disappointed, and a little angry, the injustice stoked my fire. I imagined all the people in my community who would grow these nostalgic flowers if they had access to the spectrum of colors, textures, and fragrances that exist in the world but are not distributed by big seed companies.

I envisioned memories made and bouquets shared when the allure of a special variety gave someone the courage to try.  I saw my wildlings growing into adults, catching the scent of a sweet pea in the city, and remembering home. And so began my journey to find, grow, and share unique and rare sweet pea seeds.

I hunt down the most captivating colors, scents, and textures and grow out a single packet of ten seeds. Those ten little plant mommas make hundreds of baby seeds that we get to share with you!

I hope you find something special and let the wild and heart of homegrown sweet peas do its work in you and yours.


TreeAndFrog 1107 Sweet Pea Soft Pastel Florals 12 2K

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