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Check out all the best things we’ve discovered while following our curiosities down dirty trails and internet rabbit holes. We hope you find something that inspires your own little moments outside! 


Outdoor Toys

The best toys for outside play are not toys at all. Sticks, rocks, water, leaves, sand, and time for the imagination to wander are the best “toys” of childhood. Throw in thrifted or excess household items like jars, cups, plates, spoons, rope, and shovels and they’ll play for hours. If you really want to level up on outdoor play, these are some of our wildlings’ favorite outdoor toys that have outlasted weather and hard labor.

Red Toy Wheelbarrow for Children


Probably our wildlings’ most beloved outside toy. This little wheelbarrow has carried stuffies, sticks, chicken eggs, acorn collections, you name it!

Kids Garden Tool Set Toy

Garden Tools

These garden tools invite kids to rake, scoop, and weed alongside you and on their own! My teacher brain loves to watch their gross motor skills develop while learning to use big tools.

Radio Flyer Durable All Steel Seamless Body Wagon

Red Wagon

Timeless for good reason, the Radio Flyer Red Wagon is a family favorite. I use it to haul stuff from place to place and my wildlings use it like coffee for their imagination.

Kinderific Gardening Set Tool Kit

Hand Tools

These metal garden tools have stood the test of time at our house, unlike plastic tools that crack and end up in the landfill.

Backyard Discovery Sweetwater All Cedar Wooden Playhouse


Oh the number of soups and smoothies we’ve been served from these windows! Just add thrifted bowls, cups, and spoons and a bucket of water.


Rubber Boots

Quality rubber boots are something we choose to invest in every year. Warm, waterproof boots are the keys to the kingdom. Cold, leaky boots will send kids back inside, cranky and resentful. Brands we love are Muck and Bogs (fall/winter), and Lonecone (spring).


Seed Suppliers

We are passionate about growing from seed because it’s cost effective, promotes genetic diversity, and is intensely gratifying. Big box store plants are grown without real sunlight or pollinators, removed of their wild and heart. Planting seeds is like casting a vote for nature or scratching a butterfly behind the ears. You will find creating life by just sprinkling some seeds in the soil is magic personified.

1. Farmhouse Flower Farm

Marryn at Farmhouse Flower Farm is the queen of sweet peas! We learned about these enchanting flowers by completing her Sweet Pea School. Our favorites are the daffodil bulbs, dahlia tubers, and sweet pea seeds of course.

2. Floret Flowers

Floret Flowers

Erin and the team at Floret Flower Farm are changing the world by teaching and empowering the home gardener to grow stunning flowers. I find the photography alone intoxicating. Floret provides free courses for beginners and a comprehensive digital library for deep dives. I recommend you block off a Sunday afternoon to envelope yourself in the Floret website. You will not regret it.

Recently acquired by Epic Gardening, this long-standing company’s seed packets are a work of art. Botanical Interests has huge selection of unique varieties and seed that is organic, heirloom, and never GMO.

Johnny’s Seeds is hands-down the most detailed and research-driven seed supplier for home gardeners. Every packet includes in-depth sowing information to ensure best possible germination and seedling health. Their online Grower’s Library is a treasure trove.


Swallowtail is local to us (Santa Rosa, CA) and they offer an impressive range of colors in some of our favorite easy-to-grow flowers like zinnias, sunflowers, and cosmos.


Indoor Seed Starting Supplies

Once you grow from seed, you’ll never buy starts again. Starting seeds indoors provides a jump on the growing season, broadens what species you can grow, and creates ideal conditions for your little plant babies. This is a time where having the right gear really matters. I’ve trialed a lot of different products and these items have produced the best results.

Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels

this rolling shelving unit is the perfect size and strength for seed starting indoors. I’ve started thousands of seeds on mine and it’s just getting started!

LED Grow Lights

When those little plant babies germinate they are going to start looking for light! To prevent leggy seedlings, hang these full spectrum grow lights from your wire rack and watch them thrive! I love how the LEDs are super efficient and kind to our energy bill.

Nursery Garden Labels Stake Tags

Plant Labels

Used with the garden marker, these plant labels will last for season after season. They are the perfect size and sturdy enough to handle weather, kids, and pockets.

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Temperature Controller

Heat Mats

These are an absolute non-negotiable for successful indoor seed starting. Heat mats create the ideal temperature for germination so you can get a jump on the growing season.

Garden Marker

Garden Marker

While I love a new Sharpie, they fade quickly and I loathe re-writing my plant tags every year. This garden marker doesn’t fade in the sun so you can use your labels season after season.

Ladbrooke Genuine Soil Block Maker

Soil Blocker

I started seeds in plastic trays for years with decent success but I couldn’t turn a blind eye to how quickly they ended up in the trash can. Soil blocking produces zero waste, produces healthier seedlings, and doesn’t clutter my garage with plastic seed trays.

Soil Blocking Recipe

Lisa and her team at The Gardener’s Workshop share a wealth of knowledge about soil blocking on their site, including this killer soil blocking recipe.


Garden Essentials

Great gardens don’t actually need much. Consistent water, healthy soil, sunshine, mulch, and a little putzing is all you need. These essentials help us do more putzing and less watering, amending, and weeding.

Cover Crop

Hands-down the best way to care for your soil is with a cover crops. Cover crops pull nitrogen from the air and store it in their roots, adding nature’s fertilizer to the soil for you. When you’re ready to plant, chop down the cover crop and leave it on the surface. The mulch protects the soil, conserves water, and decomposes to add yummy organic matter. The living roots retain moisture, prevent erosion, and add organic matter, which is the love language of soil microbes and worms.

Drip Tape

My worst gardening season ever, brought on by clogged drip tubing during a hot spell, led me to the magic of drip tape. Not readily available in hardware stores, you have to go hunting for drip tape but it’s 100% worth it. Since switching to drip tape, we’ve had zero issues with clogging or uneven watering. Lay the drip tape, set up a timer, and let the good times roll! This link will take you to the Homestead & Chill Blog, which provides a detailed tutorial and product links.

Oya Waterers

We use these handy self-waterers for anything that’s not on a timer, like porch pots. In the heat of the summer, I fill them every couple of days. I’ve learned that if a plant’s survival depends on me remembering to water, its odds are slim.

Tool Belt

The only thing that would make this better is if it held a coffee cup. I no longer lose my phone, snips, pruners, garden marker, etc. since getting this tool belt.


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