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Alone Chick
The Story of LMO Chicks

Bobcats & Cappuccino Courage

This little venture began with chickens, the gateway drug of small farms.

Once upon a time I bought two chicks of each variety sold at the farm store. 14 chickens but only 7 names because I couldn’t tell them apart. Then a bobcat schooled me in insecure chicken coops and ate exactly one of each variety. 7 chickens, 7 names. I found I really liked calling each lady by her proper name. We built a new coop (sorry Mrs. Bobcat) and started looking for new varieties and breeds so that every hen could have her own moniker. 

That’s when I went down an internet rabbit hole and discovered Lavender Orpingtons. These lilac beauties are impossible to find in farm stores and most hatcheries have large order minimums. I drank too many cappuccinos one spring and decided to order 15, in hopes I could keep my one and find homes for the other 14. And thus was born Little Moments Outside Chicks. 

I scour the internet for rare and unique chicken breeds and varieties, place large orders to meet purchase minimums, giggle like a little girl at the post office on arrival day, keep one or two or seven, and provide you with access to fancy chickens.

After you place your order, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for chick care and pickup logistics.  You must be able to pick up your chicks at our farm in Lakeport, CA within 3 days of arrival. Our 2024 order arrives April 6th!

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