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We believe in living a little outside the lines.

In little moments, we choose to honor and care for nature. We follow our kids and curiosities down dirty trails. The best thing about kids is, they wash.

About Jamie

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Hi, I’m Jamie Buckner-Bridges and welcome to my good old days. I believe we have the opportunity to make little choices that will steer our families and communities back outside. As a mom with a desk job, I love finding little ways to celebrate, teach, learn, and heal with nature. Every time we plant a seed, collect an egg, or teach the taste of homegrown, we add a strand to a child’s connection to Mother Earth. They will protect what they know and love. It’s our job to make the introductions.

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Let’s Get Going

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Jamie’s Journal


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Raising Wildlings


Our Favorite Things

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LMO Chicks


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LMO Farmstand

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1. Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff
Get Inspired

read, Watch, Listen.

We collect big ideas like Grandpa collects wayward nails, saving them for purposes we don’t yet know but will certainly show themselves in time. Enjoy the minds and voices of some of our favorite teachers!

Feeling Fancy

Rare & Unique Chicks

No basic bitches here. The fancier and harder to find, the better! Read the story of how we came to love sourcing rare and unique chickens to share. Your flock will never be basic again.

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The Scent of Memories

Sweet Pea Seeds

Our specialty sweet peas are growing now! Seed sales open Fall 2024! In the meantime, read our sweet pea story or send us a message to share your favorite sweet pea memory.

Our favorite things

Check out the best things we’ve discovered while following our curiosities down dirty trails and internet rabbit holes!

the LMO Farmstand

Buying local is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to use your dollars to vote for nature. The Little Moments Outside Farmstand offers fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, honey, flowers, seeds, natural home and skin care, and more!

Skincare & Veggies
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Sharing life lived a little outside the lines.

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